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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom


Dover - The Arrival of the Mail 1904
Dover is an ancient town. As the "Gateway to England" it has faced armies of invasion,  been fortified, settled and developed.   If many of the nearly 20 million travellers who annually pass through its harbour  remember it only for its white cliffs, that is their loss.  For within the protection of its  chalk valley the town has the history of England spelt out in its buildings. To sample a little of this history select a topic from the buttons at the top of the screen and start to explore.  If you click on any image it will enlarge in a pop-up box with an  explanatory caption.
The picture on the right is taken from an old postcard and the  painting is dated 1904.  It shows how the bustle of a busy port  and the Channel crossing is nothing new. To regular visitors to the site I hope you enjoy the new look.  The  old site had a makeover about 10 years ago and I thought it was  about time it had another. The site is not profit making and I have kept advertising to a  minimum and appropriate to the site.  If you click through and  buy using any of the links it doesn’t cost you any more for what  you buy but I get a small percentage back which helps to pay for  the small running costs.