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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Library and Museum

The Arms of the Borough of Dover. From an early 20th Century postcard.
Dover Library  The Local Studies Collection includes books, pamphlets, local newspapers, town and  street directories, electoral registers, census returns for the area, microform copies of  local parish registers, photographs, postcards and prints, Ordnance Survey and other  maps of the area. Full details can be obtained from the address below.
Dover Library  Dover Discovery Centre Market Square  Dover CT16 1PB 
Tel: 03000 413131  E-mail: doverlibrary@kent.gov.uk   Kent Libraries Website: http://www.kent.gov.uk/libs  
Dover Museum  Being one of the oldest of England's museums, the collection contains a great number  of objects reflecting the changing fashions in museum collecting. It contains, as well as  objects of local importance, a range of unusual items reflecting the Victorian love for  what was considered unusual or 'exotic'. It is also home to the Dover Bronze Age Boat,  the world's oldest known seagoing boat and a fascinating archaeological discovery.
Dover Museum  Dover Discovery Centre Market Square  Dover CT16 1PH 
Tel: 01304 201066  E-mail: museumenquiries@dover.gov.uk   Website: http://www.dovermuseum.co.uk