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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover Maps - Dover in the Late 16th Century

Dover in the Late Seventeenth Century.
Accuracy was not a strong point of maps before  the Nineteenth Century. This map is a cross between a sketch map and a  picture.  Individual buildings are drawn in and  accurate scale is non-existent.  St Mary’s Church  can be next to the Market Square in the centre of the town. It does give an idea of the size of Dover at this  time with the town still concentrated in the area  enclosed by the mediaeval town walls.  The town  is starting to expand along Biggin Street towards  Charlton (which can just be made out as a church and a couple of buildings close to the left hand  edge of the map). Buildings also extend along  Snargate Street and around the harbour. One thing that is very noticeable are how close  the fields and orchards are to the town.