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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover Maps - Dover in the 19th & Early 20th Centuries

Dover in 1908

Dover 1908

The map on the right shows Dover  as it was in 1908, an extract from a  six inches to one mile Ordnance  Survey map.   Click on any of the maps on this  page to see larger versions.

Central Dover in 1866 and 1907

The map on the left shows the area around the Market Square to the Seafront as it was in 1866.  The map on the right shows the same  area as it was in 1907.  Both are extracts from twenty five inches to one mile Ordnance Survey maps.

The Pier District in 1844 and 1866

The map on the left is an extract from Batcheller’s New Map of Dover dating  from 1844. The South Eastern Railway’s Town Station which opened that  year can already be seen. The map on the right is an extract from the twenty five inches to one mile  Ordnance Survey map of 1866.  The Town Station has now been joined by  the London Chatham and Dover Railway’s Harbour Station of 1861.