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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

The Western Heights - The Barracks

There were two main sites of barracks on the Western Heights. The  first date from 1804 and were known as the Grand Shaft Barracks,  being located at the top of the Grand Shaft Staircase. They provided accommodation for 59 Officers, 1,300 NCOs and privates and eight  horses. These barracks were noted for their light and airy situation,  and close to them near Archcliffe Gate was a Military Hospital, with  beds for 180.  The second large set of barracks was the South Front Barracks, built in the 1860s. They were constructed in a huge trench, facing the sea with different floor levels connected to the hill behind by cast iron  bridges and galleries. These were not such pleasant barracks to live  in, being cold and dark.  In 1920 the barracks on the Western  Heights were classes as sub-standard and unacceptable for their  purpose.  In the mid-1950s there was an acute shortage of housing and some  of the Grand Shaft Barracks and married quarters were renovated  and put into use.  However with the subsequent construction of local council houses the buildings were no longer needed.   The Both sets of barracks and the hospital were demolished in the  1960s. 
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